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THE PRO 1/3 lb


1/3 pound Angus Beef patty cooked the way you request. Served on a bun with lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles. It come with one side choice.

Temperature:Rare Medium Rare Medium Medium Well Well Done
ADD CHEESE:American +$1.69Cheddar +$1.69Monterey +$1.69Pepperjack +$1.69Provolone +$1.69Swiss +$1.69
BURGER ADDS:Avocado +$1.69Bacon +$1.69Chili +$1.19Fried Egg - Over Easy +$1.19Fried Egg - Over Hard +$1.19Green Chilis +$1.19Ham +$1.19Sauteed Jalapenos +$0.69Sauteed Mushrooms +$0.69Sauteed Onions +$0.69
Side Choices:No Side French Fries Onion Rings +$1.69Baked Potato - Plain Baked Potato - Loaded +$1.99Cottage Cheese Chili Chili with Cheese & Jalapenos +$0.72Chili with Cheese & Onions +$0.72Cole Slaw Fruit Potato Chips Grilled Veggies Tortilla Chips Side Salad - No Dressing +$1.69Side Salad - Ranch +$1.69Side Salad - Blue Cheese +$1.69Side Salad - 1000 Island +$1.69Side Salad - Ancho Chipotle +$1.69Side Salad - Italian +$1.69Side Salad - Caesar +$1.69Side Salad - Honey Mustard +$1.69Side Salad - Red Wine Vinaigrette +$1.69