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Marinated roast beef with au jus sauce served on a Sub Roll.
Served with one side choice.

Sauteed Mushrooms +$0.86Sauteed Onions +$0.86Sauteed Jalapenos +$0.86Double Meat +$4.93Extra Au Jus +$1.20
ADD CHEESE:American +$2.44Cheddar +$2.44Pepperjack +$2.44Provolone +$2.44Swiss +$2.44
Side Choices:No Side French Fries Onion Rings +$2.29Baked Potato - Plain Baked Potato - Loaded +$2.63Cottage Cheese Chili +$2.29Chili with Cheese & Jalapenos +$3.07Chili with Cheese & Onions +$3.07Cole Slaw Fruit Potato Chips Grilled Veggies Tortilla Chips Side Salad - No Dressing +$2.29Side Salad - Ranch +$2.29Side Salad - Blue Cheese +$2.29Side Salad - 1000 Island +$2.29Side Salad - Ancho Chipotle +$2.29Side Salad - Italian +$2.29Side Salad - Caesar +$2.29Side Salad - Honey Mustard +$2.29Side Salad - Red Wine Vinaigrette +$2.29
EXTRA DRESSINGS:Ranch +$1.05Blue Cheese +$1.051000 Island +$1.05Ancho Chipotle +$1.05Caesar +$1.05Honey Mustard +$1.05Italian +$1.05Red Wine Vinaigrette +$1.05
EXTRA BASIC WING SAUCES ( 3 Ounce ):CAPS Sauce +$1.05Sweet BBQ +$1.05Cajun (Always Grilled) +$1.05Fiery Lime +$1.05Garlic +$1.05Honey +$1.05Honey Jerk (Always Grilled) +$1.05Honey Mustard +$1.05Hot +$1.05Lemon Pepper +$1.05Mango Habanero +$1.05Medium +$1.05Mild +$1.05Parmesan +$1.05Rotisserie Chicken +$1.05Suicide +$1.05Sweet Chili Ginger +$1.05Sweet Red Chili +$1.05Tangy Gold (Mustard BBQ) +$1.05Teriyaki +$1.05TNT (Thai & Teriyaki) +$1.05