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Boneless Wings Basic Flavors

Boneless served with with your choice of wing sauce. Flavor is for the amount of wings you select. No splitting orders for different flavors.
Dressing and veggies available for .99 each.

8 Boneless $8.9912 Boneless $12.9916 Boneless $15.9924 Boneless $22.99
Basic Wing Sauce Flavors:Plain - No Sauce CAPS Sauce Sweet BBQ Cajun (Always Grilled) Fiery Lime Garlic Honey Honey Jerk (Always Grilled) Honey Mustard Hot Lemon Pepper Mango Habanero Medium Mild Parmesan Rotisserie Chicken Salt & Vinegar Suicide Sweet Chili Ginger Sweet Red Chili Tangy Gold (Mustard BBQ) Teriyaki TNT (Thai & Teriyaki)
Wing Sauce Preference:On The Side Regular Saucing Re-tossed - Sauced, Grilled & Re-tossed In Sauce +$0.99Sloppy - Deep Fried, Sauced & Sauce Added Over Wings +$0.99
Wing Cook Preference:Regular - Deep Fried 12 Minutes Grilled - Deep Fried, Sauced Then Grilled Crispy - Deep Fried 18 Minutes Xtra Crispy - Deep Fried 22 Minutes
Wing Dressings:Ranch +$0.99Blue Cheese +$0.99
Wing Veggies:Carrots +$0.99Celery +$0.99Carrots & Celery +$0.99